At Ribbon Webbing Corp, we manufacture quality webbing products

Our product offerings include a broad selection of standard webbing suitable for use in a wide range of simple to complex commercial and industrial applications. We produce a full range of UL-recognized components as well as Berry Amendment Compliant military webbing products.

Characteristics of Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing exhibits high break strength, with mild shock absorption and abrasion resistance. In addition, nylon has a softer hand feel. These qualities, among others, make it suitable for use in a variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.

Nylon Webbing From Ribbon Webbing Corp.

In our Chicago-based industrial mill—one of the largest industrial mills in the US by volume—we manufacture a variety of nylon webbing products in lightweight to heavyweight variations. Some of the types we offer include:

  • Grosgrain
  • Ribbed
  • Plain Weave
  • Tubular
  • Mil-spec
  • DiamondWeave™

Applications of Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing finds application throughout the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Some of the key industries that frequently use this material include fall protection, military, rescue, and recreation. In these areas, users often employ it alongside fall protection systems, lifting devices, pet collars, halters, sporting and outdoor equipment.

In addition to our standard product offerings, we can assist with design and development of webbing solutions that suit the unique requirements and restrictions of their applications.

We also maintain membership with the following industry organizations:

  • Association of American Railroads (AAR)
  • Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF)
  • Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA)
  • UL Component approved

For additional information about our nylon webbing offerings, contact us today. One of our customer service representatives will answer or address any of your questions and concerns before helping you determine which product is best for your application.

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